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Xinput1_3.dll is Missing

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If you play games on your computer then you will have a program called DirectX installed which is like a add on that makes games playing a more enjoyable experience. In works in partnership with your graphics card in order to render environments and effects to the highest quality while at the same time not slowing down PC performance.

DirectX has many versions which is updated all the time and this particular .dll file is integral to this Microsoft based software, some games already come bundled with DirectX and you can download the latest version for free at the official Microsoft website.

If your PC is coming up with an error message like “The file xinput1_3.dll is missing” or similar then you need to install this file in order for DirectX to work properly.

This error will open appear when you start a game that requires DirectX so if you have the latest Call of Duty, Sims 2, WoW or other game then don’t despair because the problem is fixable. You could try to restart your PC as the xinput_3.dll fails to load sometimes, failing that downloading the most up to date version of DirectX might also fix the error.

Xinput1_3.dll is missing

One problem is that sometimes there will be a rogue file that is named xinput1_3.dll but is in fact a piece of malware which you can get rid of. Download PC software to fix errors and also boost performance by deep scanning the Windows registry in order to detect fake and dormant files that slow down a PC.

It is best to be safe and use a good tool to scan your system for errors and this should also boost games playing performance by using all the tools available inside the software such as process manager and powerful defragging utility.

Originates from: Microsoft DirectX

Official URL:

Relates to: Windows and DirectX tool for games and graphic based apps.

Course of action for Xinput1_3.dll error: Try re-starting your PC as the files sometimes fails to load if problem persists download software tool to scan and fix errors.


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