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With Windows 7 comes a whole new set of potential problems for computer users.

It is true that the new operating system from Microsoft is the best yet (over Windows XP and Vista) with rich multi media features that are both functional and pleasing to the eye.

But is there a good registry cleaner for Windows 7?
Let’s face it, you need a pretty powerful computer to run Windows 7. Even then, after a period of time your PC is bound to become sluggish and unresponsive because every time we download files or install new software programs our computer needs to store lots of data. These files can become corrupted and need organizing properly.

The truth is that a large percentage of computers simply need tuning up in order to fix disk errors or start up problems that may slow down even the highest spec PC.

I recommend a simple disk defrag in the first instance as this is a fairly simple operation that can be performed in a matter of seconds by anyone.

If after defragging your hard drive your PC still seems slow and maybe even displaying errors then it is time to think about other options including a reliable Windows 7 registry cleaner.

A registry cleaner will scan your PC thoroughly for all types of potential problems that might be causing your computer to operate slowly. I recommend RegCure as the best Windows 7 registry cleaner and PC fix tool. (you can read my RegCure review for more information.)

The best Win 7 cleaners let you backup your settings, manage your start up programs and have a handy run time schedule feature that you can “set and forget” in order to carry out regular registry cleaning. Regular cleaning will dramatically improve PC performance.


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