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The weatherchannel.exe is a file that is associated with various programs belonging the leading online weather forecasting website The Weather Channel. As well as providing 24 hour live weather updates and reports for US and international countries the website also provides various tools and apps that can be installed on computers and laptops.

weatherchannel.exeThese programs contain the file listed above and is used on Windows based PCs that could have tool bars, widgets, screensavers and system icon tray notifications installed. Everyone enjoys having the weather displayed; it is handy for planning vacations, teaching the kids and acts as heads up for possible bad weather but sometimes these programs can cause errors leading to slow or sluggish performance.

What is the weatherchannel.exe error?
If you have Internet Explorer then you might have an extra toolbar which is located at the top of the screen. This file belongs to the software that is used on start up and should be located in the appropriate folder in the C drive and then your Windows program files. Your start up might be slow and even crash if this file is not present – if you do not want to have the weather software installed on your PC then simply uninstall via control panel.

Simply deleting files from your computer is not advised as this can affect other programs that are crucial to the well being of your Windows PC. If you look at the networking manager under the processes tab you will many files that are being used – it is recommended you system scan your computer with the best reg cleaner in order to detect files that are not needed, in-properly stored or possible malware that usually is stored in the 32 system directory.

Originates from: The Weather Channel group of software’s for Windows.

Official URL:

Relates to: exe files that are installed into Weather Channel folders.

Fixing system error messages and lock ups Run diagnostic test scan on your PC to detect dysfunctional registry files that can cause failure.


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