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Help with the utildll.dll file
This file is a Microsoft Windows system file. It is the official WinStation Utility Support dynamic library file and contains many important instructions and settings necessary for the proper operation of the WinStation utility. Specifically, providing the remote session control functions used by WinStation when performing remote sessions or any other similar activity.

It is possible for multiple other Microsoft programs to utilize this .exe file functions. These may include Microsoft Remote Assistance and the Microsoft TerminalServer.

Since this is a basic Windows system file, normally located in the c:\windows\system32 directory upon proper installation of any Microsoft Windows Operating System, third party software can be designed to call on the library file and use its protocols as necessary. The Citrix Connection Configuration Utility made by Citrix Corporation is an example of one such program that relies on for proper execution.

If you are seeing errors relating to this file, it might be time to perform a full system scan of your computer hard drive to find and fix any problems. Reg Cure (Read Mike’s RegCure Review) is a powerful tool for diagnosis and repair of .dll related errors.

This is a critical system component in the Windows Operating System environment and as such should not be deleted or removed. Deletion can cause system instability and may cause the failure of any application that calls on utildll.dll.

Originates from: Microsoft Corporation

Official URL:

Relates to: Windows Operating System, WinStation, Remote Assistance, TerminalServer

Course of action for utildll.dll error: Download RegCure to perform a deep scan of your Windows based computer and repair errors in the Windows registry


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