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What is usrvpa.dll?
The file usrvpa.dll is part of a US Robotics Corporation modem driver set and is necessary for the proper operation of an installed US Robotics modem on a Windows based computer system. Specifically, functioning as the voice pump for related US Robotics modem operation. The file is installed along with the Windows XP operating system to provide compatibility and functionality of installed modems. Older versions of Windows may also have this file included or installed separately.

A driver is a configuration file containing information needed to properly operate and control specific devices connected to a computer. They provide the link between the computer operating system and the hardware device, and in some cases store user settings.

If you are experiencing errors or pop ups related to this error, consider downloading a good registry cleaner and using it to perform a complete scan of your computer hard drive to detect and repair problems.

Drivers also dictate how a given device will respond to input controls. A properly installed modem driver is needed to for an installed modem to function properly and should not be removed. This file is typically located in the Windows system directory and should not be located anywhere else.

Originates from: US Robotics Corp

Official URL:

Relates to: Windows XP, other versions of the Windows OS, US Robotics Modems

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