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Software tools evolve and 2014 sees the generation of PC cleaners to help fix system errors on Windows based computers. How does this affect my ratings for the year to come and is there new programs out there to knock off the best rated RegCure?

My lab tests indicate that in order to properly diagnose, fix and correct slow performing PCs new software should be able to do three things. Firstly the ability to properly set up the Windows start Manager in a quick and easy way where even the most novice computer user can see what processes at starting up when Windows is loaded from boot up.

This is often underestimated because people presume a hardware fault or virus is the cause and although there is the possibility that a terminal main board or memory stick failure is the source of the problem you can save an expensive trip to a PC repair store by eliminating program faults first – remember that good tools offer a free scan functionality where a deep scan covering the whole of the hard drive and any external devices connected.

top registry cleaner 2014A scan can reveal all types of potential problems including fragmented files that need organizing back into their correct location on the C drive.
With terabyte space now the standard in most home and gaming PCs it is best to buy a good powerful cleaner that is up to the job. Your purchase should come with regular updates that can deal with the latest threats and errors on Vista, XP, 7 and 8.

Utility tools are always handy including roll back or restore where you can set your system to an earlier restore point of a few days ago, on board defrag tool (which is a per-requsite when picking the Top Registry Cleaner 2014) that un-clutters C drives and a file manager that can tell you what programs you need in order to open files locked on your computer because you do not have the necessary applications.

Anti Malware (malicious software) should also be part of a professional cleaning tool as what is the use of scanning for potential threats if the program can do nothing to get rid of the infections that exist in the depths of a computer. Malware comes in many forms such as viruses, rootkits, keyloggers and worms – most users do not realize that these are installed on their PC but can prove to be very damaging including the increased risk of identity theft.

A self updating database is required to run along an anti virus program – keeping your system updated with the latest fixes is constantly on-going so if you wish to buy the best tool this then RegCure has a free database upgrade wizard ensuring that all the latest threats can be seen by the tool. Read the RegCure Pro review from Mike.


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