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Many people have anti malware installed on their computer and one of those programs is called Search and Destroy from Spybot. This is an excellent tool and offers a free version to home users and a paid version for business users who require more than one PC. If you are looking for an all in one solution against spyware and viruses then I recommend you download Spybot.

What is teatimer.exe?
This is the Spybot sub .exe file that is integral for the program to run and starts up when your computer boots into Windows, RegCure can scan for redundant start up files and manually,you can find this process under the task manager, under processes and helps Spybot detect nasty files and programs running on your Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.

teatimer.exeYou should not delete this file if you are running Spybot but if you have uninstalled then you can safely delete if this file has been moved or did not get wiped from the un-installation process. Sometimes, hackers try to mask harmful .exe files by naming them something legitimate in order to try and trick the PC user – do not fall for this, the file should be located in the Program Files > Spybot folder and no-where else.

There should be a small icon displayed on your front panel to indicate whether Spybot is running and if you are concerned that this file is one cause of PC slow down then you can remove the software by accessing control panel > add / remove programs. with a file size of 140000 bytes it should not hamper system speed in any way and is not core to windows OS.

Originates from: Spybot anti spyware / virus software.

Official URL:

Relates to: The sub file that is used to monitor and scan Windows.

Fixing problems connected with teatimer.exe : Access the file destination folder and see if the is located. Delete if program is no longer required. System scan below to find more errors on PC.


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