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SpeedyPC Review

Download SpeedyPC ProSpeedyPC Pro is the first in a line of the new batch of registry cleaners looking to break through in 2017. The software has won an impressive 5 star review filetransit – but how did it perform in our lab test?

Download SpeedyPC Pro

Installation: ★★★★½
A 4.6MB download is comparable with both PC Speed Maximizer and RegCure but thankfully installation was a breeze – as with all software it is recommended you restart your PC after the installation process. This program can operate on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP operating systems, making it accessible to most PC users.

Easy to Use?: ★★★★½
SpeedyPC Pro is very easy to operate. Once loaded up you are presented with several tabs that will perform various tasks. The interface colors are clear and very easy on the eye which results in a very intuitive tab system.

SpeedyPC Pro Scan Results

As you can see from the screen shot there are several options you can choose from the 2017 edition: Overview, Scan, Restore, Tools and Settings. In order to get the best out of this reg cleaner we selected the “scan” option to see if the software could pick up any system errors such as missing DLL files. After the initial scan, the software reported over 4500 errors on our test computer which is running Windows 10.

Features and Performance of Speedy PC: ★★★★☆
There is no doubting that this is a software tool that is both powerful and easy to use. The 200 errors reported through the initial scan were a mix of missing DLL files, unused temporary internet files and unwanted start up files.

The next stage is to either ignore the results or register the product. We of course registered the product (which utilizes the brilliant safe cart shopping platform) and then we let the software correct the reported errors which took about 90 seconds. After cleaning, we noticed a substantial increase in boot up speed (40% performance boost) and our Microsoft Office application was far more responsive and faster.

Other useful tools are bundled in include a handy back up tool that will let you restore registry settings to an earlier point and a clever Windows start up Tuner that is aimed at boosting start up and freeing all them unwanted start up programs that often bog down our computers and make them sluggish.

There is also a very useful Malware scan tool to root out those annoying and potentially harmful files as well as a brilliant file extension tool that will scan the net for programs that will unlock those files you have on your PC that refuse to open.

Customer Support: ★★★★½
Having an inbuilt email system where you can get in touch with the software technicians in case of any questions or operating errors that you may encounter. We emailed the guys at Speedy PC and they replied back in just a few hours so that gives you great confidence in their product when they help you as quick as this.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½
Speedy PC Wins the Silver AwardSpeedy PC is a new product that is certain to do well in 2017. The software tool runs very quickly and it only takes a few seconds to deep scan any Windows based PC, laptop or netbook.

Although picking up over 4500 errors was quite impressive, RegCure (Gold Award) just edges put SpeedyPC because it had a deeper scan resulting in more junk files being found and cleaned.

Therefore we award Speedy PC our 2nd place Silver Award so why not download Speedy PC and scan your computer for FREE. Software products work and perform differently on each computer depending on age, spec and programs installed – SpeedyPC Pro might be the software for you!

Download SpeedyPC Pro
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