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Even the most powerful computers can suffer from performance issues. There are many PC users who ask the same question: “How do I speed up my PC?” – to get a better understanding on why your PC runs slow you have to run some initial diagnostic testing.

Don’t worry, no tools are required just a quick mental checklist so that you can quickly find out what is causing your own computer to act in a sluggish way or even no start up at all.

1. Does your PC start up slowly?
There could be issues with your start up manager if it takes an age to boot up Windows. I recommend the use of RegCure to scan your start-up sequence; you may be able to disable some programs that load when Windows starts.

2. Do you find playing games frustrating?
On Windows XP, Vista and 7 playing games is supposed to be easy and hassle free. But if your game runs very slowly and is almost unplayable then it is either your hardware that needs upgrading or you need to run a software system scan to see if your PC can be boosted with RegCure.

3. Does software applications crash or freeze up?
Resource heavy software apps like Microsoft Word or Office can drain system resources and lock up or crash. The Windows registry can become cluttered with junk files that simply need deleting via a good registry cleaner.

4. Do web pages load slowly?
You might think it is your internet connection that causes slow internet browsing. It is so frustrating not being able to go on websites because they load too slowly. Clear out junk temporary internet files by using RegCure – this can boost your net speed.

Windows is a great operating system but can be unstable if not cleaned out on a regular basis – the more you use your PC then all those downloaded files, photos, games and software is going to install extra unwanted files on to your system registry. If you think your PC is needs a software boost then try out RegCure – the winner of my Gold Award for PC registry cleaning and error fixing.


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