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If you are experience system lock ups that indicates a smax4pnp.exe message or if you recognize this file as a source of problem that is connected to your Windows OS (Vista, XP, 7 and 8 ) then you may need to scan your hard drive for errors and replace this file which could also be associated with rouge and malware infected systems.

What is the smax4pnp.exe?
This executable file is related to SMaxPNP, an app made by Analog Devices which is used s part of audio devices that are prevalent in the popular branded, ASUS main system boards. The particular file you should be looking for is SoundMax, (problems with these files can be scanned with a tool like Speedy PC) which is the parent folder of this file. As with most program files it can be located in the C drive: C:/program files/analog devices.

If your search does not reveal the file in this location then maybe you have a different operating system such as Windows 8 service pack 1. This file location could be: Analog.Devices / Core, and again a search on your Window start bar will help you find the exact location.

The problem with this .exe is that it is included in your start-up processes by way of default. The registry value location is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE and has quite a large RAM usage of over 700kb so it can cause some issues regarding start-up speed of Windows and in any case if you visit the SoundMAX c panel you can control this start-up file from there.

If you have an ASUS motherboard then you will definitely need the smax4pnp.exe file as it is used to control the extra effects of the sound card. But if you can live without the extra sound effects then you can safely delete the file which could be a good trade off if it helps speeding up your computer as it could conflict with another file or application.

Originates from: Analog Devices.

Official URL:

Relates to: SMaxPNP sound card for ASUS based main boards.

Fixing problems connected with: If your C:/Windows/System32/folder has this file residing then delete with immediate effect as it is a trojan and most harmful to your PC.


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