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Registry CleanUp – How to Clean Up Registry in Windows

RegCure Reg CleanupMost people who own their own computer have heard of the term Windows registry but it is another matter altogether understanding what the registry does and how it affects the speed of a computer.

The simple truth is that the Windows Registry is the central library inside Windows that stores files of information on just about anything that is needed to communicate Windows with your PC.


For example you have just purchased a new printer and you need to install the software – once you have loaded up the disk and installed the device on your PC then the Registry will store driver information so that the printer will work properly.

The problem is that over time the registry will be get cluttered up with Junk files and it is time for a registry cleanup – but many people ask “How do I cleanup the Windows Registry?

If you are a technical wizard with computers then you could access your Windows registry manually, but if you want to know the best way to cleanup the Windows Registry then use RegCure as it will scan your PC for problems with your system registry and then fix them in just a few seconds.

Registry Cleanup

RegCure can be setup to scan your computer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is a great way of ensuring your PC stays error free and will certainly help in boosting computer performance. By cleaning your Windows registry you are making sure that all those files are stored in a organized manner which will improve PC speed and performance.

RegCure will even delete those redundent files that clog up your computer and slows down games, software applications and internet browsing. Easy registry clean up with RegCure:

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