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RegCure Pro Review 2017

Regcure ReviewThis software is from top PC security software developer ParetoLogic and probably the most popular free scan registry cleaner in the world with over 60 million worldwide users optimizing their PC on a regular basis with this award winning tool. If you are looking to buy then please read this RegCure Pro review first – or simply download to test for free.

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Installation: ★★★★½
We downloaded Pro 2017 edition and the small 5mb installation file was quickly loaded onto our Windows 8 test computer without any problems. Pro is also compatible for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP – so it really is a versatile registry cleaning utility tool that can installed onto a desktop PC, notebook or netbook.

Is the Program Easy to Use?: ★★★★★
Once the software was installed there are 5 user friendly icons which make up the registry cleaning process. For this review we selected “scan” and after only a few seconds where the deep scan was performed we had over 390 errors that were reported (see below).

RegCure Free Scan Results

Here you are presented with different options (Scan, Restore, Tools, Settings) Each tab is clearly labelled and is designed to get your computer back into a fast, healthy and optimized condition.

Features and Performance of Pro: ★★★★★
Many PC utility tools are often hard to understand because there is no clear interface that instructs the user the best way to get the most out of the software they have just purchased. RegCure Pro has some clever features that will help you diagnose, fix and repair your computer in just a few minutes.

You can set up the software to automatically scan and fix registry errors or for the more advanced users there is a manual option where you can pinpoint each error and delete accordingly. There is also a scan schedule feature that you can configure to automatically keep your PC in top top shape on a regular basis (recommended).

Powerful Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus Tool to detect and clean viruses, trojans, rootkits and spyware from your computer. This is pure gold because keeping your system clean is crucial on a number of fronts including maximizing PC speed and keeping out unscrupulous hackers who might want to steal your credit card details.

Optimizes Memory: One improved feature is the defrag tool which helps to unclutter your hard drive. You may have noticed that your PC starts slowly or programs run slowly, this could be down to the files not being placed in the most efficient area – the RegCure Pro defragment tool helps to restore lost and broken files in the right area.

Privacy Protection: Does anyone else use your computer or want to make sure your personal information stays private? Passwords, logins, credit card numbers, etc can all be accessed by someone else on your PC. RegCure has a powerful privacy protection scanning module, found under “overview”. Simply select the checkbox to activate this useful tool.

Task Manager Process Killer: Are you getting software programs, tools or games crashing on start-up or unable to load? The process killing tool is a one click way of eliminating background programs. No matter how powerful your PC is if there unwanted processes running – your operating system is not properly optimized and is one of the main reasons why computers crash or have pblems with blue screen errors.

More features of include a full backup sub utility where you can save registry settings in case of the need to “roll back” to an earlier point and this award winning software for 2017 is of course compatible with all of the recent Windows operating systems (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 98 and ME).

RegCure Customer Support: ★★★★½
RegCure Pro is a long standing PC software tool that is highly effective in restoring your PC to when it was new. Paretologic are the creators of RegCure and have an excellent support team that will quickly answer any of your questions. The technical department are very good in dealing with all types of problems such as software usage and the best ways of getting your PC, laptop or netbook running at optimum speed.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★
RegCure wins Gold AwardIn terms of raw power and deep scanning there is very little to choose between RegCure and Speedy PC.
Both have superb computer error and fixing features that will certainly result in a performance boost in nearly all computers.

RegCure is easy to download, install and operate making it a worthy opponent to every PC fixing tool. Test lab results showed RegCure picked up all errors in the PC registry and our test computer was fixed in just a few seconds and because of the fantastic support offered by ParetoLogic we felt that this top rated software deserves the Gold Award for 2017.

You can Download RegCure and scan your computer for FREE. This is the best way to compare any registry cleaner and is the best advice we can give. if your are thinking of boosting your computers performance, wiping out viruses or are worried about system errors then scan today from the leading software tool for Windows.

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