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If you have modern software installed then there is high risk that you will have updated your system with the .net framework and this .exe is an important executable file that is integral to .NET framework and works closely with both the Windows OS and the framework itself and is 100% safe to be installed on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

What is netfixupdate.exe?
As part of the .net framework this file helps with scaling more intense software apps and improves performance, some titles simply will not run without this extra add for Windows so it’s a good idea to make sure that this file is present and located in the correct folder. Developers code programs especially for .net and include software’s such as word processors, server apps and web based utilities.

netfxupdate.exeAnother advantage of having Microsoft certified extensions for Windows is that they are constantly updated with fixes in order to keep them safe from security risks.

The library (BCL) is there to store all the important sub files that make up the .net framework and collectively act as the storage place for developers software library. For the PC user, the netfxupdate.exe can cause errors and system crashes if there is a fault with the installation or when other files are in direct conflict with the .net framework.

If you are concerned that this .exe file uses much memory then the official data reveals at 120kb this process does not use much virtual memory and should not cause slow start up problems but good housekeeping including keeping your computer updated with the latest fixes and reducing the number of apps installed on the C drive can help keep your system running at optimum levels.

Originates from: Microsoft

Official URL:

Relates to: All PC systems installed with the .net framework.

Fixing the problem: Check the folder where .NET is installed or search for netfxupdate.exe


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