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What is name.dll?
This is a Microsoft Windows system library file that is installed as part of Microsoft Office 2007. This file provides an ActiveX control to allow web pages to display presence information about clients. This presence information includes such things as client IP address, port and connection status. It also allows for various actions to be taken with respect to that information through the use of the Windows SharePoint Services.

It is commonly located in the C: Program Files > Microsoft Office Office Directory. If you find it in another location it may be a harmful program using the name.dll moniker to avoid easy detection.

Many function calls can be performed from this file. A common example would be to determine the online status of a given person or IP address and display that information in a drop down box as part of an object oriented graphical user interface. Custom applications can be built that cab call on name.dll to provide presence information for a variety of uses in object oriented environments and web pages.

If you are experiencing problems with your PC that include files being corrupted or missing entirely, then you should consider doing a complete deep scan of your Windows system registry. There are reputable and effective tools for scanning and correcting registry problems connected to this .dll as well many other problems that can bog down your computer and hamper its performance.

Originates from: Microsoft Corporation

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Relates to: Microsoft Office 2007, ActiveX

Instructions on how to Fix Use RegCure, our gold award registry cleaner to help fix errors which are based on Office 2007 and ActiveX.


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