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What is libexpatw.dll?
The popular mapping software, Google Earth is in fact a virtual global mapping system that contains detailed information on planet earth. Did you know that Google Earth was originally called EathViewer and was developed way back in the early 2000s by a CIA invested business.

The libexpatw.dll is used in the Google Earth application that consists of the Expat parser. This parser is written in C programming language and is in fact in XML format. This XML file is mainly focused on streaming environments and can be used in different projects that may contain Perl, PHP and Apache among others.

Google Earth utilizes the file in order to register handlers that might be located in the XML parser file and is activated when the program registers handlers in the first instance.

If you are getting errors on your PC connected to this .dll file then it is time you ran a thorough scan of your hard drive in order to fix and repair files that are located in your system registry. RegCure is a great tool for scanning DLL errors.

Google Earth has grown into a popular application where it acts as a virtual planet earth where images taken from satellites and photography are super imposed and allows uses to view detailed landscape shots of many areas of earth.

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How to Fix If you use Google Earth and you have error messages concerning this .dll file then system scan to your Windows PC with a top utility tool.


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