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What is javaw.exe?

This is a program made by the leading software development company, Sun Microsystems and is related to IE web browser and acts as a pre-cursor that informs the user of a program launch or system update via a pop up box. The .exe can cause problems to Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8.

The problem is that some malware fakes this file and it is left in the Windows folder where it can cause further problems to the computer and can cause system crashes, lock ups and eventually causing slow start ups and sluggish PC behaviors where software’s and applications run slower than they should.javaw.exe

If you think you have a false javaw.exe file installed on your computer then download a malware checking tool to scan your PC or use the registry-cleaners free scan link (regcure) to check for registry errors that can cause error messages like this .exe which although by nature is not a big memory hog it can diversely affect system start-up speed.

It is also advised to keep the program running and not delete the file because it works directly with your computers network security and is called for your reference: Java Virtual Machine and it performs certain tasks as you access the internet.

You do not need to click the file itself as it loads up when you boot into Windows but if your browser slows down while using the internet then this file could be the cause – re-installing the latest versions of Internet Explorer is one option but is best to scan your PC for other errors first as a slow running computer is a sign of registry problems and corrupted files.

Originates from: Sun Corporation.

Official URL:

Relates to: Java Virtual Machine, Sun Java.

Fixing the Error : check the file folder to make sure you have the Javaw.exe installed. The most likely route would be C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_09\ jre\ bin\ but you can perform a search.


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