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If you have an Intel based chipset then you could also have installed on your system a notification tool that monitors the performance of desktop PCs. This .exe process can be become corrupted if it installed in the wrong folder or if a bogus copy that is in fact malware or spyware that is hiding in another folder but is disguising itself as the same file name.


What is iaanotif.exe?
The full name of this file is The Event Monitor User Notification Tool which sounds very technical but in reality serves as just a background monitoring tool for Intel based systems. If you have an AMD chip then you should not have this program and run an anti-virus tool to locally scan your computer for bogus files and folders that might be located on your hard drive.

This is a performance based app that turns the ATA drivers into the better performing select Intel chipset and while this is a safe and bona fide program please be aware that it is necessary for this to run in the background; check background processes with SpeedyPC to see if it has been installed correctly on your PC there should be a small icon next to the clock in the lower right system tray.

If you find that your Windows Vista, 7, 8 or XP computer is slowing down or takes several minutes to start up then it could be that the iaanotif.exe file has been placed in the wrong folder or the process needs to be re-installed – be mindful of closely related names and never delete background running process unless you are 100% sure that it is not fundamentally important as this could stop your PC from booting in windows completely.

Originates from: Intel Corporation.

Official URL:

Relates to: Event Monitor User Notification Tool.

Fixing problems connected with this .exe : In the first instance verify that you have the correct file located in the right folder which should be: C:\Program Files > Intel > Intel Application Accelerator > iaanotif.exe


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