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How to Improve Windows 8 Performance

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Windows 8 provides a new, better experience but for many people upgrading operating system can bring new problems including a decrease in performance – this can be the case for older desktops and laptops that have been running XP or Vista and now must power a more intensive operating system software.

The good news is that there are ways to improve Windows 8 loading times, gaming and software application performance and all around better user experience.

1. The first setting you can change on Windows 8 is the “Visual Effects” which is accessed via Start >> Advanced Screen Settings. There is a tab which is labelled advanced, select this and chose a lower setting which will cancel the animations that can slow down Windows on lower spec machines.

2. Good housekeeping and best practices for installing and uninstalling software – do not simply delete folders and icons from your desktop, instead access control panel and select the uninstall programs option. Many new computers come shipped with trial software that you will most likely not ever need so you can delete all the software programs from here that you do not need, you will also free up disk space from your hard drive that can cause system slowdowns.

How to Improve Windows 8 Performance

3. Managing power also gives performance boost if you select the “high performance” option. Try to stay clear from the balanced or power saving option as this has significant influence over the way that Windows handles apps and programs. This also applies to the display adapter setting on your graphics card and certainly updating drivers for all your core hardware is advisable as this leads to reduced system errors and keeps your system compatible with future Windows updates.

4. Use tools to speed up processes. Windows has its own set of utility tools which can people who ask how to improve Windows 8 performance and this includes a disk defragger. Over the weeks of usage, computers clog up with files being scattered all over the hard drive in places which are illogical and need attention. Run the de-fragmentation once a month or even better look to buy a paid registry cleaner that is more powerful and has several other functions like anti malware features, process manager and deep scanning utility to properly address problems that affect performance.

5. Take advantage of the Windows 8 fast start up option. This is function is unique to 8 and when you turn off metro applications you should see Windows function at a faster rate, programs running smoother and game playing faster.
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