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How to Defrag Windows 7

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When we install a new game or download a program and install on our computer valuable disk space is taken up.

Windows 7 is the most efficient operating system yet developed by Microsoft but it still needs manual help from us in order for it run at good speed and error free.

One of the most important jobs we can do is to perform regular defragmentation on the hard drive where Windows 7 is currently installed.

By defragging we make sure that the files are organized in a better way and checking the hard disk for bad sectors which can lead to poor PC performance.

To get started all you have to do is:

Defrag Windows 7

Depending on the size of your hard disk (it could take a few hours to defrag) your PC will eventually report all errors and fixes that have been made on your computer. I then recommend a full reboot of your PC and all being well your Windows 7 computer should be noticeably quicker.

If you PC is still reporting errors or you are having problems opening software programs and applications it may be your regsitry that needs clearing out and optimizing. Use RegCure to scan your computer for system errors. SCAN YOUR PC FOR ERRORS


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