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There are different ways of improving computer performance and many experts will tell you thay you can dramatically boost PC speed by making sure your hard drive is not cluttered up with files you no longer need.

Not many PC users realize but storing photos on our computer is a huge drain on system resources and can slow down you computer. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest computer running Windows 7 or an old laptop with XP installed.

While it is great to store photos of our family and friends it is a good idea to move these type of files to online storage or cloud storage. There are many free services where you can upload large files or photos – this is a great way of speeding up your computer.

Another good tip is go through your “My Documents” folder as this is a common folder where we store many files, some of which we no longer need. While we are on the subject of emptying files, when was the last time you emptied your recycle bin?

Simply double click on the desktop icon and go through the files located in the recycle bin. Once you are happy all you have to do is “remove all” you will be amazed on how much this can help speed up your computer.

If your Windows computer is still running slow and needs a boost then clearing out the registry is the number one way of speeding up your computer and dealing with problematic files that may be causing your PC to operate slowly.


The registry is where all the files are stored that are used to communicate your operating system with hardware and software devices. A thorough system scan and clean up of the registry can work wonders in boosting any dekstop computer or laptop running Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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