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How Can I Speed Up My Internet?

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With many devices including tablets, phones and even TV boxes being connected to the internet at once it can often lead to an internet connection meltdown where download speeds and web browsing can grind to a halt but is there a way where you can improve a connection so that ping rates are lower for gaming on PC, PlayStation and Xbox and that watching movies and streaming music does not have to buffer all the time?

Your connection speed is of course related to what you pay each month either via way of DSL or cable. The bigger the download speed the more money is costs but you can do some things yourself in order to speed up your computer while you access the web. If you live in a busy household with lots of family members using the internet then speeds will drop – especially if you are streaming movies or downloading music.

If you can, download rich content at night time where there is less usage, you can download free net internet managers that can set a time to download patches, updates and music. Throttling bandwidth is unavoidable sometimes and it’s not just the line speed that affects user experience when surfing the web – have you considered that a virus or malware application has been downloaded on to your computer?

If you have several processes running once your Windows PC boots up then this can also directly affect the speed of your PC – resource intense programs such as Skype, Ventrilo and ICQ can hog up your main processor and although they run in silent mode you can see how much memory they hog up by going to your Network Manager and clicking on the processes tab.

how do i speed up my internet

Is your hard disk full of software that it is nearly full? Even when a disk has a little space left can diversely slow down a computer so take some time to perform some good housekeeping on your PC by uninstalling software you no longer need and deleting files that are taking up valuable space.

Photos can be over 100MB in size and this is just for one image so if you have an album stored on your computer consider optimizing the mages or storing them on a USB stick.

Perform a regular defrag of your C drive because some files get scattered all over the place and need putting back into their rightful place – if you hear your PC chugging or whirling in the background then this notice is your hard disk struggling to locate files. If you look at my reviews for registry cleaners then you can see which can help clean out your PC so that performs much quicker.


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