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CollectPro Invoice Collection Software

CollectProCollectPro Invoice Management software gives businesses a powerful and complete solution for managing invoices and collections along with a simple, intuitive dashboard interface.

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Windows XP – Vista – 7

It features auto-sync with both Peachtree and QuickBooks software, a library of professional call scripts, letters and tutorials, and one-click reporting for collection tracking.

The CollectPro software is easy to download and install and the Setup Wizard initially leads you through the creation of an internal collections policy, automatically dropping outstanding invoices into an action timeline so your business is ready to go.

Download CollectProManagement Made Easy
The CollectPro Dashboard makes interacting with collections tasks and daily invoice management both quick and easy. Company name, amount due, days out, and call scripts are grouped together for easy viewing. You can search customers, add reminders, view history logs, and sync information to your accounting software directly from the Dashboard management panel.

Additionally, with the Timeline Editor you can create new timelines, edit existing timelines, pick and drag calls, letters, or actions to a specific position on the timeline, and add new scripts from the extensive CollectPro online resource library.

Seamless Integration
With most invoice software you need to import existing files, make your changes, and then export those files back into the accounting program. CollectPro auto-sync eliminates those time-consuming steps and works directly and seamlessly with QuickBooks and Peachtree software. You can choose to allow CollectPro to auto-sync with your accounting software every x-number of minutes; optionally, you can choose to sync manually by a sync button on the Dashboard toolbar.

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Online Resources and Support
CollectPro offers businesses a wealth of online resources with access to webinars, training opportunities with professional collection agencies, powerful demand letters, scripts and interactive tutorials. CollectPro has 24 hour support options for all of its customers. You can visit the CollectPro website and view an online demo and also sign up for a free trial of the software.

CollectPro is the result of a merger between the managing partners of Creditor’s Resource Group and The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, along with NMD, Inc., a software firm that develops law enforcement and government software applications for the United States and Canada. They have an ever growing list of corporate partners and have been providing data management solutions for over 50 years. Get your business invoices paid on time with CollectPro – Download your FREE Trial:

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Windows XP – Vista – 7
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