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DLL Files are short for Dynamic Loaded or Linked Library and are installed onto a computer when an executable file is initiated. For example, when you download software and then “run” the program DLL files are then automatically installed. These files can be become corrupted and lead to system crashes – scan and fix your Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP Computer for .dll errors.


Over time these files can become corrupted or deleted and you need to then run a good registry cleaning tool to scan and repair lost DLL files.

It is recommended that you scan your computer to see what DLL file are missing or accidently wiped or courrupted. Use the Regcure FREE Scan. This will will detect all missing files from your computers registry and perform other important tasks such as organzing start up programs for fasting booting up, deleting temporary files that clog up system resources and a general PC check-up of your windows based computer

How to Fix Xinput1_3.dll error message pop up.

The file utildll.dll is a Microsoft Windows system file.

34api.dll is the User Mode proxy protocol in the driver set.

The file usrvpa.dll is part of a US Robotics Corporation modem driver set.

The qt-dx331.dll file is an essential component of the Divx codec.

The bassmod.dll is an integral part of the BASSMOD application from Un4seen Developments and is required for BASSMOD to operate correctly.

The uxtheme.dll file is a skin application engine that intercepts system paint calls and applies skin data in its place.

The name.dll is a Windows system library file installed as part of Microsoft Office 2007.

The libexpatw.dll is used in the Google Earth application that consists of the Expat parser.

The vb5db.dll is associated with the Microsoft Visual Basic software.

The hcwutl32.dll is a popular module from Hauppauge Computer Works.

The mssign32.dll is part of the Cryptographic Service Provider or CSP.

Protexis devolops software that serve as solutions for web based software.

Commonly used in Internet Explorer from Microsoft the library file.

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