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Welcome to the about us page of I guess it should be the “about me” page really as although I do get the occasional help forom my work colleagues, I basically run this website by myself.

Mike Arrowsmith
My name is Mike and I have been in the PC software industry for most of my working life and now work freelance as a software security and computer analysis expert from my home in New York, USA. I don’t like to mix my hobbies with work and also I like to keep my clients work confidential so I will not be listing a resume of my current and previous clients (everyone hates boasters anyway right?).

My current work projects include working with some of the largest PC software development companies in the US and Europe.

In my spare time I like to chill out with my family in NY City and also work on this hobby website of mine, aimed at helping the average computer user fix their computer without having to take it to a PC repair store which could cost hundreds of dollars.

I like to review the current registry cleaners available on the market and the three favourites of mine for 2015 are PC Speed Maximizer, RegCure and SpeedyPC (great name :)). All three have different attributes so I hope you have the time to read the results from my test labs.

Dealing with a desktop PC, laptop or netbook can be daunting to a lot of people – but it need not be and with future PC help guides planned for 2015 I hope you will visit this website again to hopefully help you deal with your computer better.



Registry Cleaners