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34api.dll fix guide and information
This file was written and developed by Philips Semiconductors as an integral part of their SAA713x chipset driver package. The User Mode proxy protocol in the driver set. It is called on by the computer graphics engine to summarize all the User Mode graphics driver functions available and relay them as Kernel Mode function calls as needed.

The SAA713x chip set is typically used by Philips Semiconductors video capture cards.

This is normally installed by the setup package when the user first installs any of the numerous compatible devices such as a TV tuner card. Many other brands of capture cards may also utilize the file because it contains most all the necessary proxy functions related to the control of capture cards in general.

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The driver and the complete SAA713x driver set is designed for the Windows 98 and Windows 2000 operating systems and should be located in the Windows system directory.

Originates from: Philips Semiconductors

Official URL:

Relates to: Philips Semiconductors TV tuners and other video capture hardware that utilized the SAA713x chip set installed on Windows 98 and Windows 2000 based systems

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